Jeremy Thorp’s boat won in the Open class while the Spaniard ‘Bribon 500’, skippered by Pedro Campos, has won two titles: champion of the Viajes InterRías Trophy (Classics) and winner of the Spanish Cup. Portuguese ‘Seljm’, owned and skippered by Patrick Monteiro de Barros won the national title in the Open class.

The anticyclone that prevailed this week in Galicia, at the northwest corner of Spain, once again produced a sunny day in Sanxenxo, with temperatures around 18 degrees but with light winds to start the races of the Viajes InterRías Trophy scheduled for Sunday. With good results on the previous days, ‘Battlecry’ and ‘Bribon 500’ rose to the top of the podium and finish the Six Metre season in Spain as winners of the Viajes InterRías Trophy.

With no races on Saturday and Sunday, on Friday the maximum number of races scheduled for a day (two) was completed thanks to a N wind of about 11 knts, so those results stand.

‘Caprice’, skippered by Iñigo Echenique, began by winning the first race of the day, although a fifth place in the next one relegated him to second place with ‘Bribon 500’ leading again. The consistency of ‘Titia’, owned by Alicia Freire and skippered by Mauricio Sánchez-Bella (3-3), allowed her to secure third  within the Classics.

We have such splendid sunny weather, perhaps too nice because we missed the wind today and yesterday, but luckily on Friday we were able to sail in very good conditions and everyone is happy,” said Pedro Campos, skipper of ‘Bribon 500’.

In the Open division, three different nationalities have taken the three podium positions. British and Portuguese, represented by ‘Battlecry’ and ‘Seljm’ respectively, traded first and second in the two races held on Friday, resulting in a three-point tie that was broken in favour of Jeremy Thorp’s crew. Violeta Álvarez and her team, aboard the ‘Stella’, complete the podium.

‘Bribon 500’ and ‘Seljm’, champions of the Spanish Cup
The Viajes InterRías Trophy was, in turn, the eighth and last scoring regatta for the Six Metre Spanish Cup, a circuit that began last March in Sanxenxo.

It has been a long year but one of enormous successes at an organizational and sporting level, in all fields, and today it has come to an end,” said Pedro Campos, who is also the president of the RCNS.

Campos wanted to highlight the presence of foreign boats that after the last Europeans Championship have decided not only to stay in Sanxenxo but also to participate in this Viajes InterRías Trophy: “They have stayed here thinking about next year, when we will have the Worlds here in Sanxenxo. In March 2022 more boats will come and the number will increase until the peak of the next season, which will be the world championship in June.”

The next Six Metre class circuit in Spain, the one in 2022, will begin in March and will be held monthly in the waters of Sanxenxo. The Worlds will be held on June and the Spanish Cup will continue until November 2002, with the European Championship in Cascais, Portugal in between.


PODIUM. Trofeo Viajes InterRías
Position / Boat / Skipper / Race Points / Total Points

1. Bribon (Pedro Campos), 2+1= 3
2. Caprice (Iñigo Echenique), 1+5=6
3. Titia (Mauricio Sánchez-Bella), 3+3=6

Battlecry (Jeremy Thorp), 2+1=3
Seljm (Patrick Monteiro), 1+2=3
Stella (Violeta Álvarez), 3+3=6

PODIUM. 2021 6mR Spanish Cup
Position / Boat / Skipper / Total Points

1 Bribon (Pedro Campos), 22
2 Caprice (Iñigo Echenique), 58
3 Stardust (Santiago Campos), 76

1 Seljm (Patrick Monteiro), 25
2 Stella (Violeta Álvarez), 36
3 Maybe XIV (Eugenio Galdón), 56